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Project Description
OpenGL ES 2.0 wrapper for .NET Compact Framework. Developed on HTC HD 2 device but should run on any Windows Mobile device that has the correct libraries provided.

This project has probably come to its end. If anyone wants to take it and make it something more please contact me!


  • OpenGL ES 2.0 (No support for ES 1.X)
  • Rendering uses Buffer Objects (VBO) for better memory handling
  • You can exit the sample app by tapping the screen twice
  • Quick port of OpenTK.Math is used for 3D math

If you are wondering where the Beerdriven namespace came the answer is pretty simple. This project got started on one Friday when I was drinking some beer and thinking on what to do.

More info:


  1. Texture support (20% done)
  2. Performance/resource management cleanup/tweaking
  3. Basic support for high level 3D model classes. Mesh.
  4. Text rendering
  5. MeshShapeFactory (Create box, sphere meshes)
  6. Mesh loading (Collada)

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